Celebrating Andrews Elementary School

ImageThe brewing storm outside Andrews Elementary School did little to dampen the sunny dispositions of the students. In fact, they continually reflected the rays of caring that first emanated from the adults in the building.  I know this school well because first my son, and now my daughter, have basked in the sunlight of these phenomenal teachers. It was an incredible blessing to spend Friday, September 7th honoring these educators who have had such a dramatic impact on our family.

As I circled the school on a mission to celebrate every teacher, I reflected on the number of times I walked the same halls as a parent. When I became a parent, I viewed teaching through a different lens. I suddenly realized that behind every child’s face was an adult who entrusted me with life’s most valued possession. All of our experiences at Andrews have allowed me to not only trust the teachers, but also appreciate the unique contributions they make in our children’s lives. Learning at Andrews is engaging and challenging, but the staff also understands, “They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Based on my observations and experiences, the children at Andrews KNOW their teachers care about them. Thank you, Andrews Elementary School for continually shining your light of caring into the lives of so many children. Your initial rays of kindness will reach farther than you ever know when those children, who have learned about caring through your example, continue to reflect that light.

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